Back to the studio!

Also, gotta love that Joseph Fink intro.



He sounds SO distracted and nervous that another giant cockroach might show up at any minute. 

I’d actually argue Meg, too, sounds a bit nervous in her outro. They were probably recorded around the same time, after Joseph and Meg bravely fought the roach with Raid and screams. 

Which really was huge. (WARNING: the link contains a picture of the offending beast. It’s… BIG. And that’s a door frame.) 

The related Tweets under the cut, for those who missed the Cockroach Saga. *shudders*

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me and my friends on halloween




i literally remember thinking back in 2011 “man girls are so nice and cute and beautiful it’s too bad i’m straight i’d totally date a girl”

"wait a minute"

here’s to all the straight girls I’ve heard say basically this exact thing, may you find your way~

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